E-Commerce System and Controls

Helping our dealer partners evolve with the latest innovations and solutions.

    eRating This platform allows our dealers to get the entire rate card, from multiple product providers simultaneously with the click of one button.

    eContracting Our menu system, is directly-linked to multiple providers without using third-party vendors to do so. The direct-to-provider connection enables a dealer to get rates and create contracts in a much simpler way with far less room for errors.

    eMenu A tool that enables the F&I Manager to present a fully customizable and simple to use menu. A dealer team can present, sell, and e-contract F & I products in a profit-focused, efficient way. Keeping the customer's experience in mind, this software has a variety of menu types that make the buying process much easier for the customer.

    eDesking Allows a dealer to track all activities tied to negotiation of the deal.