Why Training?

Ongoing improvement is critical to our dealer partners' long-term success.

We find that top-performing dealerships invest in continuous training for all sales and finance staff. Here are a few of the tangible benefits our dealer partners experience:

Retention of knowledge: requires practice, roll playing and verification on a regular basis.

Employee satisfaction: training is an investment in your people which is an expectation from high performance people. Training leads to higher confidence, increased profitability and lower employee turnover. Ongoing training is critical for the development of your team.

Staying current: technology is constantly changing available options in the finance world. Ongoing training keeps your team current and competitive.

Identifying gaps early reduces lost opportunity sales.

Internal promotions: training prepares your team for promotions and not to rely on recruiting high priced talent away from other dealerships.

Ongoing training is the core foundation for AutoSolutions. We don’t just focus on finance but provide customizable service routines, based on the needs of the dealership. We take pride in being a service and training driven company. Training schedules are customizable based on the needs of each dealership.